For True Fans

A new kind of digital collectible to commemorate purchases and events

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The idition badge authenticates your official merch purchases.
Make if official by iditioning your swag purchases

Make It Official

When you see the idition seal and number, you know you’re a top fan in the community.

Collect & Level Up

Rise in the ranks as you collect iditions. Become a top level fan to prove your love and connect with your favorite artists and creators in new ways.

Become a top fan of your favorite artists, brands or celebrities
Unlock exclusive benefits like song remixes and VIP presale tickets

Access Special Benefits

Select iditions include special access to media, events, tickets pre-sales, and more.

Check the description when buying to confirm if benefits are included.

Look for the idition Badge

You can idition swag, tickets and more from a variety of artists and creators. Look for the idition badge when shopping.

idition digital collectibles badge

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